Strength and Conditioning Research

S&C Research is an encyclopedia of strength and conditioning methods for enhancing athletic ability. Use the sidebar menu to select a topic (scroll to the bottom of the page on a mobile device). Learn what the research can tell us about the best ways to build muscle, increase strength and power, develop sprinting speed, and even prevent injury.

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Every day, new research studies are being published, revealing better training methods for increasing sprinting speed, maximal strength and muscular size. They help clarify the best ways to recover from muscle soreness, enhance performance recovery, or speed rehabilitation from injury.

While these new studies are great for increasing our understanding of what works best, the rate at which they are being published is too fast for anyone to keep up! On top of that, it takes time to find, download and read the full texts of every single new study that might be relevant.

To help you access this knowledge but without the huge time investment, the S&C Research review does the hard work for you. We search for the right studies, read the full texts, and then summarize the main points that we think are most important. The review is perfect for anyone in the industry who is focused on improving athletic performance.

S&C Research

Each edition of the S&C Research review is provided as both PDF and e-reader files for kindle and iPad, allowing you to maximize your commuting time or other unproductive times for reading.

And even though it is easily the most comprehensive research review in the fitness industry, the S&C Research review is also one of the lowest-priced, at only $10 per month. Plus, there is no long-term commitment, so you can stop paying at any time. Want to learn more?