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December 2014 Foam Rolling This edition is the first to include a detailed editorial on the theme topic, discussing the mechanisms by which foam rolling is effective. Also includes reviews of two brand new studies on foam rolling, exploring whether it causes additive effects to stretching and whether it modulates autonomic system function
November 2014 Gluteus Medius Perfect for physical therapists, with a wealth of information. Studies report on specific activation of the three major subdivisions, compare the side-lying hip abduction and clamshell exercises, and discuss the role of the gluteus medius during gait
October 2014 Hamstring Injury Ideal for sports medicine doctors, with studies that explored the muscle architecture associated with injured hamstrings, as well as the extent to which lack of eccentric knee flexion strength is a risk factor for hamstring injury
September 2014 Rest Periods Required reading for the research-backed bodybuilder, as we discussed three very important studies relating to the effect of rest period duration on muscular strength and size, as well as discussing pre-exhaustion training and its effects on strength
August 2014 Push Ups This edition was great for the strength coach working with athletes. We reported on several studies that explored aspects of the push-up using electromyography (EMG). These studies help us understand how we can best program the push-up exercise and its variations to maximize the development of different muscles
July 2014 Soccer A great edition for anyone working with soccer athletes. Amongst other things, we reported on studies showing that short-distance sprint running performance is a key differentiator of soccer performance, and we discussed research looking at the best ways to train this quality
June 2014 Stretching In this useful edition for the physical therapists, we reported on several important recent studies that have explored the effects and nature of different types of stretching, including standard static stretching, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) stretching, and ballistic stretching
May 2014 BFR and Hypoxia A perfect edition to start with for research-backed bodybuilding, in this edition we reported on several studies investigating the new techniques of Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training and Hypoxia training
April 2014 Rugby Perfect for anyone working with rugby players, in this edition we covered a wide range of great studies that used rugby players (both league and union) as subjects. The topics included the effect of pre-game testosterone levels on game outcomes, the differences in lower body strength between backs and forwards and between league and union players, and the effects of direct neck strength training
March 2014  Muscle Fiber Types For those who want to get under the skin of muscle physiology, we reviewed several new studies and reviews that explored various aspects of muscle fiber types. These studies have important implications for training for maximum muscular hypertrophy, as well as for training elderly populations
February 2014  Supplements Always a hot topic, in this edition, we looked into specific vitamin supplementation in masters athletes, nitrite supplementation for healthy arterial aging, and a radical study performed into the use of pro hormones and their effects on body composition, muscular strength, cardiovascular health and liver function
January 2014 Gluteus Maximus Starting the year with a bang, in this edition we reviewed the latest and greatest research into the glutes. Most of the studies reviewed explored the effects of various factors on EMG activity in the gluteus maximus

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