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Back issues from 2015

May 2015  Preventing Hamstring Strains

In this edition, we covered the key new research relating to the prediction and prevention of hamstring strain injury. Don’t miss this edition if you work with team sports athletes!

April 2015  Muscle Protein Synthesis

In this edition, we covered some exciting new reviews and studies looking at the nature of muscle protein synthesis, which is thought to be the primary driver of increased muscle mass during long-term programs of resistance training. Don’t miss this edition if you are interested in hypertrophy!

March 2015 – Pain Science

Pain science can sometimes seem like a relative newcomer, although researchers have been doing valuable work in this field for many years. This edition introduces key concepts such as central sensitization, fear avoidance, and pain catastrophizing, and provides valuable guidance on how exercise can be useful in combatting the problem of pain.

February 2015 – Hypertrophy

The Hypertrophy edition covered a range of studies relating to hypertrophy, including meta-analyses, long-term trials, acute investigations into anabolic signalling pathways, and the potential effects of anabolic steroids.

January 2015 – FMS Sum Score

The FMS Sum Score edition included reviews of two opinion papers issued by the makers of the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) as well an important new investigation into the validity of the FMS sum score.