Strength and Conditioning Research Background

As the fitness industry moves towards an evidence-based approach, a deep understanding of the scientific research is becoming more and more important for strength coaches and personal trainers.

But the body of research grows daily.  How can we keep abreast of such a large amount of information?

One way of reducing the workload is to make sure that you have the basics covered.  After all, if you understand the fundamental principles, the detail is easier to remember.

Our first ever special edition, Background, is the best and most up-to-date introduction to strength and conditioning principles you will find anywhere on the internet.

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If you’ve found the monthly subscription editions a little tricky in places, or if you are worried that there might be areas you don’t fully understand, Background is a quick and easy way to fill in the gaps.

Background is a collection of over fifty reviews of the most comprehensive review articles and meta-analyses of the fundamental concepts underlying exercise science. It covers all of the important concepts in muscular, neuromuscular, bone, tendon and cardiovascular physiology as well as their adaptations training.  It also has sections on energy systems, fatigue and biomechanics.

Strength and Conditioning Research Background e-Reader

What’s more, Background is automatically provided in the normal PDF format as well as in two e-Reader formats (.mobi and .epub).  So you can read it wherever you are and whenever you have time, whether you have an iPad or a Kindle. That means you don’t have to worry about picking which format you want, as all three files are provided automatically with each purchase.

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But, don’t take our word for it.  Listen to what the highly-respected personal trainer of the year, popular blogger, renowned sports scientist with a specialism in hypertrophy, and NSCA board member, Brad Schoenfeld has to say. Brad says:

“I’m so thrilled to endorse this product. Bret and Chris have combed through the vast body of literature for the best research reviews on the aspects of exercise science that matter most.”

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