Hip Extension Torque

Hip Extension TorqueFor many years, the posterior chain was the sole prerogative of powerlifters, who realized that this sequence of muscles was essential to lifting big weights.

With the adoption of powerlifting methods into mainstream strength training, coaches are developing programs that put the posterior chain at the center.

And the results are unmistakable.  With greater hip extension strength, athletes are running faster, jumping higher and increasing in agility.

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But while powerlifters made the early inroads into understanding the posterior chain, the researchers have not been slacking.  And in recent years, there have been hundreds of studies investigating the importance of hip extension strength in a wide variety of sporting movements.

These researchers have been busy figuring out how much hip extension strength is needed for different movements and which exercises are most effective for developing it.

And for the first time, the results of these studies have been collected and presented in one place.  Hip Extension Torque, covers all the important studies and explains the role of the posterior chain in every movement from walking to sprinting and from jumping to squatting.

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With all this research included, Hip Extension Torque is the ultimate guide to the gluteals and the hamstrings.  It contains all the information you could ever need about the individual muscles, from moment arms to muscle architecture during a huge battery of exercises, ranging from the small, rehab movements to the mainstays of training, such as squat and deadlift variations. It’s a lot of information: the whole e-book clocks in at over 300 pages.  Here’s the chapter listing:

  1. What is hip extension and hip extension range-of-motion?
  2. What is pelvic tilt?
  3. What is muscle architecture?
  4. Which are the hip extensor muscles?
  5. What is the length-tension relationship?
  6. What is the force-velocity relationship?
  7. What is hip extension torque?
  8. How does the degree of hip flexion affect the strength of the hip extensors?
  9. What effect does knee flexion have on hip extension exercises?
  10. What effect does the direction of force have on hip extension exercises
  11. How can we estimate torque for various movements?
  12. What is the hip extension torque during functional activities?
  13. What is the hip extension torque during high velocity activities?
  14. What is the hip extension torque during high force exercises?
  15. How does the proportion of hip extension torque change with increasing load/speed?
  16. What are the directions of future research?

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But even though there are hundreds of important studies backing up points for all of these areas, don’t worry about wading through hundreds of study reviews looking for what you need.  We’ve been through and pulled out all of the key facts and figures and presented them in chart form.

That means you can just read the index of questions at the beginning and flip straight to the section that you are most interested in. And once you get there, the information is presented in a way that is easy to understand and very accessible. Here’s a selection of pages from chapter 8, which explains how hip extension torque changes with hip flexion angle:

Slide 1 Slide 2 Slide 3 Slide 4 Slide 5 Slide 6 Slide 7 Slide 8

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As you can see from the above selection, each study is referenced back to PubMed with hyperlinks, so if you want to go back to the original studies, you can do that with a single click.

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Professor Stuart McGill said:

“In my world of enhancing back performance, the hips are the engine room to power the stiffened chassis of the core. Yet few summaries exist to synthesize the science that governs the mechanics of hip extension – until now that is. The team of Bret Contreras and Chris Beardsley have done the painstaking work and filled the void with this well organized and easily consumed review.

“Those wanting to be expert in training athletic potential will learn a great deal about the foundational mechanics of the hip musculature from reading Hip Extension Torque. Bret and Chris have enabled application of the science by creating compendiums of exercises ranked for muscle activation.”

Brad Schoenfeld said:

Hip Extension Torque is the premier resource for training the posterior chain. You’d have to spend thousands of hours combing through the literature to learn the information synthesized in Bret and Chris’s e-book. And even if you did, you wouldn’t gain the insight to practical application afforded by these two leading experts. I can’t recommend this product highly enough.”

Matt Palfrey said:

“Meticulously researched, with a keen focus on keeping the material useable, Hip Extension Torque succeeds as an in-depth critique of the scientific research and a practical guide for coaches, athletes and clinicians.”

Dr Joseph Lightfoot said:

“After having studied Hip Extension Torque, I am amazed at the level of detail. It covers pretty much everything you can imagine on hip extension, with something for every reader – athletes can take away key messages about how to direct their training and coaches can utilise the review to guide training protocols.”

Kristen Ouellette said:

“Bret and Chris have written an insanely data packed guide to strength, function and power training for the posterior chain. Hip Extension Torque will make strength coaches, physical therapists and personal trainers alike, re-think the way they are choosing exercises, choosing loading schemes and formatting their hip extensor training.”

Allan Phillips of Swimming Science said…

Our team at Swimming Science was recently provided with a copy of Bret and Chris’s new book, Hip Extension Torque: A Scientific Guide to the Posterior Chain. Although the word “Scientific” often scares many coaches away, this guide is a shining example of how science and practice can effectively complement each other.

I give this guide a high recommendation for any coach or clinician seeking to become more informed on the current research on hip mechanics. This guide not only satisfies your intellectual curiosity, it can help improve your daily practice.

Tim Huntley said…

The product is 300+ pages of jam-packed ideas for how best to train the posterior chain and create greater hip extension strength. And, as is the case with their other offerings, Bret and Chris do a masterful job of distilling complex research into actionable information. Great job guys!

Jim “Smitty” Smith said…

I just got a copy of Hip Extension Torque: The Scientific Guide to the Posterior Chain – it is truly an amazing piece of work. The Supertraining for Hips – it is that good. Great job Bret and Chris!

Sol Orwell of Examine.com said…

Hip Extension Torque is an extremely thorough investigation into all aspects of the posterior chain – from activation to training. As someone who has the ‘pleasure’ of reading scientific papers, having the information intelligently distilled was an absolute godsend. My knowledge on physiology is one of my weaknesses, and this expansive guide has done a lot to shore up that weakness. If you want to learn the ins-and-outs on the posterior chain, this is a must-read.

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