Optimal athlete -sprinting

Sprinting is possibly the most important athletic skill for team sports athletes and is a key element of American Football, rugby and soccer.

It’s also the most prestigious of track and field events, with the top 100m track sprinters being household names all over the world.

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As a result of its importance, sports scientists have been very interested in figuring out how sprinting works and they have devoted a lot of time working out how to help sprinters get faster. That means there have been a lot of studies published on sprinting.

How many studies have been published on sprinting? Well, at the last count, Bret and Chris had pulled together around 550 studies that related to sprinting in some way, shape or form. And this represents just a fraction of what is out there.

For The Optimal Athlete: Sprinting, Bret and Chris narrowed it down to the absolute best material and only the top 100 studies or so made the cut. What’s more, they made sure to highlight the important aspects and practical implications of each of them. In fact, several of the articles contain analyses not seen in the original articles as Bret and Chris conducted further analysis of the authors’ data.

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What does the research tell us about sprinting?

You will be amazed when you read what the researchers have to tell you about sprinting. Because the research is such a complex area, very few sprint coaches or sports coaches working with teams have the time to really get to grips with the literature.

So it is not an exaggeration to say that the information contained within The Optimal Athlete: Sprinting is pretty revolutionary. You won’t find it anywhere else, unless you read the research yourself. Pick up your copy now and find out:

  • How a significant number of researchers are now convinced that top speed sprinting is dictated by the force exerted with each stride…
  • How researchers have now explained the key role of horizontal forces in developing sprint speed…
  • How gluteals and hamstrings have key roles in both accelerating and top speed sprinting…
  • What the optimal amount of leg stiffness really is…

And much, much more besides.

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What versions are available?

Optimal athlete - sprinting e-reader bigThe Optimal Athlete: Sprinting is automatically provided in the normal PDF format as well as in two e-Reader formats (.mobi and .epub). So you can read it wherever you are and whenever you have time, whether you have an iPad or a Kindle.

The two e-Reader formats also work on many other e-Reader devices (but please check your manufacturers’ instructions just to be sure). Because you get both e-Reader formats and the PDF included automatically, you don’t have to worry about picking which format you want, as all three files are provided with each purchase.

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