What is the monthly review service?

Strength and Conditioning Research monthly subscription

Strength & Conditioning Research is a monthly review service covering the latest fitness-related studies, sent out by email on the first of every month.

This monthly review service costs just $10 per month and keeps you completely up-to-date with the very latest fitness research. Each month, the reviewers compile 45 – 50 one-page summaries of the most important sports science studies so that you don’t have to go looking for them yourself.

The studies cover a wide range of key areas ranging from the best training techniques and exercises for developing muscular strength, size and power to new developments in physical therapy and rehabilitation, and the latest findings in nutrition and recovery methods.

For strength coaches and personal trainers, this monthly review service is indispensable, as the fitness industry is rapidly moving towards an evidence-based approach. More and more high-profile trainers are using research to identify the best ways of training. So now employers and clients are starting to expect all trainers to have a good knowledge of the evidence base.

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What is in the monthly review?

Every single month, the Strength & Conditioning Research monthly review service provides concise one-page reviews of between 45 – 50 of the latest studies so that you don’t have to go looking for them yourself. The studies are arranged into the following sections, with typically 10 – 15 studies in each section:

  1. Strength and conditioning, power and hypertrophy
  2. Biomechanics and motor control
  3. Anatomy, nutrition and physiology
  4. Physical therapy and rehabilitation

Just think – if you subscribe now then in only a few months you will have gained a broad knowledge of hundreds of studies! And all for only $10 a month.  If you wanted to research an area yourself, you would probably have to pay $20 – 30 for every single study that wasn’t freely available.

What’s more, each edition explains the latest sports science research in straightforward language.  So you won’t be reaching for your old textbooks to remind yourself what all the technical terms mean.

And, of course, most importantly, you will quickly be able to apply the knowledge gained from our reviews to the weights room and make big strides forward in your own training and with your clients and athletes. Do you want to apply the science and make big steps forward? If so, this monthly review service could be exactly what you need.

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What do other fitness professionals think?

Don’t just take our word for it. Our list of subscribers includes some of the top names in the industry. Some of our fans have been kind enough to provide feedback, as follows:

Shon Grosse said:

“I have been after a resource like this for over ten years, and am really grateful that this one now exists.  At $10 a month, it is a no-brainer.”

Dean Somerset said:

“Not only do they condense crazy amounts of information down into a single source with full access, they also tear apart each study, look at their holes and inaccuracies, and write out the defining characteristics about each in an easily digestible format.”

Sam Leahy said:

“There is no excuse to not implement evidence-based coaching. Undoubtedly you will meet road bumps or challenges along the way but the outcome is far greater than any struggle. To produce professional and optimal coaching decisions and serve others best, we must integrate all types of evidence into our coaching practice. This monthly review is one tool to help with that!”

Please don’t let other fitness professionals pass you by because they are reading the research and you are not. Do you want to keep up with the best in your industry? If so, the monthly research review service could be just what you need.

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Am I committed to a whole year of membership?

No, there is no need to worry as there’s no fixed commitment period. So if you change career or for some other reason you don’t want to continue receiving the monthly publication, you can just cancel your payment whenever you want.

So if you just want to try the monthly review for a couple of months at only $10 per month, you can do. Just sign up, receive your first copy on the first of the month and see whether you like it. What are you waiting for?


When does the edition come out?

The monthly review service gets sent out at the same time every month. That time is 9am GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) on the first day of the month (e.g. 1 March, 1 April, etc.). You can convert your individual time zone to GMT using Google.

If you complete your subscription process before 9am GMT on the first of any given month, you will automatically receive that edition once it comes out.

To avoid disappointment, it is best to start the subscription process in plenty of time before the end of the month, as it does sometimes take a few hours for our confirmation emails to reach you.


What if I don’t have time to read another magazine?

We already thought of that, so since January 2013 we have been putting tables including very short summaries of the most important studies at the front of the monthly review on two pages. The first page covers the training and exercise research for the strength coaches and personal trainers and the second page covers the rehabilitation research for the physical therapists and sports medicine professionals.

Strength and Conditioning Research e-Reader

Since September 2012, we have provided the monthly review service in two different e-Reader as well as PDF formats (.mobi and .epub). This means that you can read it wherever you are and whenever you have time, whether you use an iPad or a Kindle. So there is no excuse not to be an up-to-date, evidence-based practitioner!


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