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Hip Extension Torque is the ultimate guide to the actions of the hip extensors (glutes and hamstrings).  It has everything you will ever need to know about how to strengthen the posterior chain for sport.  It is indispensable for strength coaches, sports coaches and athletes.

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So why wouldn’t you buy it?  Well, the thing is, there’s a lot in there.  The whole e-book clocks in at nearly 300 pages.  We put over six months of our lives into it and despite that massive time commitment we’ve set the price tag at the very sensible $49.

But just to be completely sure that you invest in something that is going to help you with your goals, we sent out advance copies to some of our friends who we trusted to tell you the truth.  This is what they said.

Professor Stuart McGill, internationally recognized lower back specialist

Legendary spine and lower back researcher, Professor Stuart McGill read Hip Extension Torque and was pleased to comment as follows:

Hips are the dominant joint underpinning exceptional performance. In the Olympics we hear, “The great ones use their hips, the good ones use their backs and legs.” In the NFL, “Hip power trumps all other joints.” For groundwork in the UFC, “A hip beats a knee every time.”

In clinics we understand that the “Hip extensors are the best extensors of the knee,” when standing hip extension drives the linkage to extend the knee without the stress of patellar tendon tension. Activation of the gluteal muscles is a wise strategy to recover from a threat to the ACL in the knee.

In my world of enhancing back performance, the hips are the engine room to power the stiffened chassis of the core. Yet few summaries exist to synthesize the science that governs the mechanics of hip extension – until now that is. The team of Bret Contreras and Chris Beardsley have done the painstaking work and filled the void with this well organized and easily consumed review.

Those wanting to be expert in training athletic potential will learn a great deal about the foundational mechanics of the hip musculature from reading Hip Extension Torque. Bret and Chris have enabled application of the science by creating compendiums of exercises ranked for muscle activation. Thank you for your leadership gentlemen.

– Stuart McGill, Professor

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Brad Schoenfeld, Personal Trainer, NSCA Board Member

Personal trainer of the year, author of the highly-anticipated book, The Max Muscle Plan, and NSCA board member, Brad Schoenfeld had this to say about Hip Extension Torque:

Bret Contreras and Chris Beardsley have done it again! These two fitness pros are always at the cutting-edge of exercise science.  They have a unique ability to synthesize current research and apply it to the practice of strength and conditioning. This is the epitome of evidence-based practice.  No one I know does it better than Bret and Chris.

Their new e-book, Hip Extension Torque, is a must-own for anyone who wants to optimally develop their lower body musculature. The product is by far and away the most complete resource ever written on the topic.

Clocking in at almost 300 pages — none of it filler — it covers everything you ever wanted to know and more about the posterior chain. Best of all, the product is accessible to the masses. Technical terms and concepts are explained in an understandable manner. It’s an easy read and it’s jam-packed with info you can use right away.

Hip Extension Torque is the premier resource for training the posterior chain. You’d have to spend thousands of hours combing through the literature to learn the information synthesized in Bret and Chris’s e-book. And even if you did, you wouldn’t gain the insight to practical application afforded by these two leading experts. I can’t recommend this product highly enough.

– Brad Schoenfeld

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Matt Palfrey, Health, Exercise and Wellbeing Specialist, BSc, CSCS

Exercise and Wellbeing Specialist, Sandbag enthusiast and fitness entrepreneur, Matt Palfrey, had the following comments to say about Hip Extension Torque:

Having read a few thousand research papers in sport science, biomechanics and general health I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting great things from the Hip Extension Torque guide – I was wrong! Meticulously researched, with a keen focus on keeping the material useable, the guide succeeds as an in-depth critique of the scientific research and a practical guide for coaches, athletes and clinicians.

The guide itself is laid out in a logical fashion, encouraging readers to approach the subject intelligently and answers a number of pertinent questions surrounding hip extension. Each chapter is well summarised and offers a range of practical implications that can be easily implemented.

I can highly recommend this guide for anyone wishing to further their knowledge of the anatomical, biomechanical and practical applications of hip extension for their patients, clients, teams and athletes.

– Matt Palfrey

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Joseph Lightfoot, MBChB, BSc (Hons)

Joseph Lightfoot, MBChB, BSc (Hons) is a Coach, Campaigner, Writer and Researcher currently based in Manchester, England. He graduated medical school in July 2012, and also has a first class honours degree in Anatomy.  He said:

After having studied Hip Extension Torque for the past week I am amazed at the level of detail. It covers pretty much everything you can imagine on hip extension, with something for every reader – athletes can take away key messages about how to direct their training and coaches can utilise the review to guide training protocols.

As a researcher, I love reviews which draw together a whole host of research and provide a simple commentary tying them all together. Hip Extension Torque does exactly that. Not only does it cover everything you need to know regarding hip extension, it opens the doors for you to further pursue the research in areas of particular interest. A must read.

– Joseph Lightfoot

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Kristen Ouellette, Exercise Physiology doctoral student

Kristen Ouellette earned her Master’s Degree in Exercise Science from the University of Connecticut and is CSCS Certified though the NSCA.  She is also the NSCA State Director for Utah.  Currently, she is a Doctoral student at the University of Utah, working towards her degree in Exercise Physiology. She said:

Bret and Chris have written an insanely data packed guide to strength, function and power training for the posterior chain. Their guide will make strength coaches, physical therapists and personal trainers alike, re-think the way they are choosing exercises, choosing loading schemes and formatting their hip extensor training.

When Chris sent me an advance copy of Hip Extension Torque, I was expecting a 60 page compilation of articles that dealt with squat versus deadlift versus lunge… However, what I received was a 280 page, zero fluff, detailed and comprehensive analysis of the hip joint and its functional relationship with sports performance, weight lifting and everyday movements.

I found the depth and breadth of the included literature pretty astonishing and can honestly say that it opened my eyes to research that I didn’t know existed.

I recommend this guide to any busy professional who works with a population that needs posterior chain strength, which just so happens to be nearly every human. Bret and Chris do well to start the guide with a primer on biomechanics of the hip joint and architecture of the various muscles that interact with the hip.

If you are looking for a coaching resource that offers the most exhaustive literature review available regarding the posterior chain and how to improve athletic performance, aesthetic appearance or even daily activity for elderly or detained folks, you have found it in Hip Extension Torque.

– Kristen Ouellette

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Allan Phillips, CSCS, RKC and Swimming Science Editor

Allan is a weekly contributor to Swimming Science and is an Editor of the Swimming Science Research Review.  He had the following comments to make:

Our team at Swimming Science was recently provided with a copy of Bret and Chris’s new book, Hip Extension Torque: A Scientific Guide to the Posterior Chain. Although the word “Scientific” often scares many coaches away, this guide is a shining example of how science and practice can effectively complement each other.

Much research lives disconnected from the real world, while many coaches refuse to challenge their own systems by examining the scientific evidence. Bret and Chris help bridge this gap with a thorough yet practical summary of modern research relating to hip extension and how we train hip extension in the gym and treat it in the clinic.

Bret and Chris ask the same questions that coaches around the world ask themselves daily. Most importantly, they provide relevant answers that can be applied immediately to practice. As a swim coach and dryland training specialist, this guide offers a much needed primer on often neglected posterior chain, which is frequently minimized in swim training.

I give this guide a high recommendation for any coach or clinician seeking to become more informed on the current research on hip mechanics. This guide not only satisfies your intellectual curiosity, it can help improve your daily practice.

– Allan Phillips

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Tim Huntley, entrepreneur, blogger at My Athletic Life

Tim Huntley runs the popular blog, My Athletic Life and is a member of the Board of Directors for the Track and Field Athletes Association.  He had this to say about Hip Extension Torque:

Building upon their successful Strength and Conditioning Research subscription service, Chris Beardsley and Bret Contreras have introduced Hip Extension Torque.

The product is 300+ pages of jam-packed ideas for how best to train the posterior chain and create greater hip extension strength. And, as is the case with their other offerings, Bret and Chris do a masterful job of distilling complex research into actionable information. Great job guys!

– Tim Huntley

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Jim “Smitty” Smith, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Creator of Diesel Crew

Jim is the owner of Diesel Strength & Conditioning. He is a highly respected, world renowned strength and conditioning coach and has been called one of the most “innovative strength coaches” in the fitness industry. He had this testimonial to give about Hip Extension Torque:

I just got a copy of Hip Extension Torque: The Scientific Guide to the Posterior Chain – it is truly an amazing piece of work. The Supertraining for Hips – it is that good. Great job Bret and Chris!

– Smitty

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Sol Orwell, entrepreneur and Creator of Examine.com

Sol Orwell is an extraordinary entrepreneur who had retired by the time he was only 30 years old. He has created and built the supplements information site, Examine.com. He had this testimonial to give about Hip Extension Torque:

Hip Extension Torque is an extremely thorough investigation into all aspects of the posterior chain – from activation to training. As someone who has the ‘pleasure’ of reading scientific papers, having the information intelligently distilled was an absolute godsend. My knowledge on physiology is one of my weaknesses, and this expansive guide has done a lot to shore up that weakness. If you want to learn the ins-and-outs on the posterior chain, this is a must-read.

– Sol Orwell

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Ammi, powerlifter and paleo blogger

Dedicated powerlifter and paleo recipe-blogger at Not Just A Man’s World, Ammi, had this glowing recommendation to give about Hip Extension Torque:

Hip Extension Torque is an absolutely fantastic book with every fact supported by research.  I really appreciate the way this explains some incredibly technical issues in a simple and basic way that I managed to understand.  This is despite the fact that I approached it as an athlete with an interest in the research, rather than from the perspective of a personal trainer or scientist.

Rather than deal with the complex research by glossing over the harder material, Hip Extension Torque took the time to explain the concepts behind the research with basic diagrams to support the words when things became too complicated.  Graphs and charts on almost every page provided visual summaries of the important points from the research.

One of the best features is the double summary at the end of each short chapter.  Not only is there a summary of the points that you have read about, but there is also a set of practical implications.  These practical implications take the research and show how you can apply your learning to the gym and programming for different individuals.

I feel like I can really take ownership of my programming now to tailor lower body training to target my personal needs.  Reading this has empowered me so that I can use less trial and error to work the areas I need most for the activities that I do.  Thank you!

– Ammi

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Tom Graham-Watson, track athlete

Keen 400m runner, Tom Graham-Watson from the UK, had the following comments to make about Hip Extension Torque:

I found this e-book extremely useful and it is a fantastic resource for anyone who needs to improve their understanding not only of hip extension but also of the many related concepts, for example, how the lower back and pelvis factor influence movement at the hip.

It’s particularly helpful in that the topics, many of which are complex, are addressed systematically, explained very thoroughly and then applied to training in the final section of each chapter. I also think it explains very clearly the physiological reasons behind many training-related concepts, for example, why some muscles should be trained for stability and others for speed.

Chris and Bret have done a great job overall and I’m looking forward to integrating some of what I’ve learned into my training.

– Tom Graham Watson

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